Well, it had to happen some day

Last year I wrote a piece for MOJO on the most under-rated Deep Purple album of them all, “Come Taste the Band”. The album has been unavailable and almost impossible to get for years. Indeed, my own copy (prior to a dodgy download) was an Eastern European cassette. Well, after a painstaking remastering, this stunning album has finally been reissued by EMI!

Available now from www.deep-purple.net and from the few remaining record stores that will order in relatively obscure classic rock albums, the album got a richly deserved ten out of ten review in Classic Rock magazine (Nov edition). The mag also devoted a few pages to the short-lived Deep Purple Mk 4 with the great Geoff Barton crafting a nice piece out of old rope and new gold.

The reissue brings this stunning album back to life in all its vivid glory, with an extra disc of rarities a welcome addition to the original album. The late Tommy Bolin is on fire throughout, and the previously unreleased tracks only add to the sense of ‘what could have been’… The (ahem) Voice of Rock Glenn Hughes oversaw the remixes and remastering and as with the excellent Stormbringer reissue a few years ago Kevin Shirley was at the controls. They have both done a fine job.

Sadly the reissue is not without its faults. Designer and Purple archivist Simon Robininson is pissed off about the final job over at http://darkerthanblue.wordpress.com/ but even with these grumbles it’s just great to have this handsome album back on the shelves, just in time for it’s 35th birthday.

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