Nice to see you, to see you nice

Here’s the front page from this week’s West­meath Topic fea­tur­ing THAT hand­shake that my dogged per­se­ver­ance on Mon­day night last made hap­pen. The Taoiseach was sur­rounded by national media — includ­ing some very well-known hacks — but not one noticed nor knew who was stand­ing about 20 yards from Enda as he posed for pics at the Joe Dolan statue. I felt he owed it to him to do the decent thing and go over and apologise…

I was delighted that the Sun­day Inde­pen­dent today pub­lished the true ver­sion of events and not the ver­sion the Gov­ern­ment and By-Election can­di­date Gabrielle McFad­den tried to spin. McFad­den wasn’t even in earshot of the meet­ing. I’ll put up the audio of the meet­ing later… If this ‘reach­ing out, touch­ing hands’ dia­mond of a photo doesn’t win photo of the year I don’t know what will!

A plea­sure to make a lit­tle his­tory hap­pen. Sgt Mau­rice McCabe is a gen­tle­man, and deserved bet­ter from The Taoiseach

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